About Us

The difference between owning or hiring a suit shouldn’t be the quality of the suit.  Not having to dry clean it or have it take up wardrobe space, sure.  Looking anything other than fabulous?  Not on our watch.

Rathbones Tailor is all about sartorial elegance with ease.  Our team of stylists have curated a selection of off the peg suit/waistcoat combinations so you don’t have to spend time imaging what each combination might look like.  We’ve paired each suit with a number of waistcoats that will ensure you have people asking who your tailor is.  Rathbones of course.

Recommended way of browsing the site:  Select the type of suit (short jacket or tail coat), filter by suit colour, filter by fit (slim or regular), easily compare the waistcoat options on screen.  Rent it, rock it, return it.