Suit Hire FAQs

What is a suit?

A suit is a set of clothes made of a matching jacket and trousers, typically worn on formal or business occasions as a uniform by men or women. The suit is designed to create a harmonious and polished look, with the jacket and pants made from the same fabric and color. Suits can be made from various materials, including wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers, and can come in different styles, such as slim fitregular fit, and double-breasted. Suits are typically worn with dress shirts, ties, and dress shoes to complete the formal look, however more a more casual look can be achieved with a nice t-shirt or roll neck instead of the shirt.

What is a 2 piece suit?

2 piece suit is a type of suit consisting of a jacket and trousers, as opposed to a 3 piece suit which also includes a waistcoat.

What is a 3 piece suit?

3 piece suit is a type of suit consisting of a jacket, trousers, and waistcoat. Essentially a 2 piece suit with a waistcoat. The waistcoat, worn over the shirt and under the jacket, adds an extra layer of formality and sophistication to the attire.

What is a lounge suit?

lounge suit is a type of casual suit, typically made of lighter and softer fabric, intended for informal events or daily wear. It is characterized by a less formal cut and a more relaxed fit compared to formal suits. The lounge suit is what you will see on 99% of day to day suit wearers.

What colour should my suit be?

The color of your suit depends on the occasion, personal style, and skin tone.

For formal events such as
weddings, classic colors like blacknavy blue, and charcoal grey are safe choices. For less formal events, lighter colors like beige, light gray, and even patterns like pinstripe or checks can be worn. Be aware of any wedding colour schemes to avoid clashing. For example "blue and green must never be seen, unless there's something inbetween." Green tie? Avoid a blue suit.

Ultimately, the color of your suit should complement your personal style and make you feel confident and comfortable.

What is a slim fit suit?

A slim fit suit is a type of suit that is designed to have a tighter, more streamlined fit through the chest, waist, and hips compared to traditional or regular fit suits. The idea behind the slim fit is to create a modern and sleek silhouette that follows the contours of the body. Slim fit suits are usually made with less fabric and have a closer fit. Don't be fooled though, slim fit does not mean you have to be slim to wear it. The shape of a slim fit suit can be very flattering for larger gentlemen. Just make sure that the slim fit suit is not too tight and still allows for ease of movement.

What is a regular fit suit?

A regular fit suit is a type of suit that is designed to have a more traditional and relaxed fit, with a bit more room in the chest and a straight legged trouser. The regular fit suit is a versatile option that accommodates a variety of body types and provides a comfortable fit for all-day wear. The goal of a regular fit suit is to strike a balance between style and comfort, making it a popular choice for both casual and formal events. It's important to make sure that the regular fit suit is not too loose and still provides a clean, streamlined appearance.