Measuring Guide

Arguably the most important part of selecting your suit is sizing.  Too large and you look like you’re wearing hand me downs.  Too small and you look like you’ve just had a growth spurt in secondary school.  To combat this, we have three methods to unsure the suit you order fits like a glove: A video guide on how to measure yourself, an app that will size you up in your own home, and the use of a suit you already own.

Chest measurement: 24 seconds     Waist measurement: 39 seconds     In-seam measurement: 60 seconds

Sizer App

Having measurements taken with a measuring tape is preferable.  However, if you don't have a measuring tape or personal tailor at home, we recommend the Sizer app with two main notes

The app really does work but wear underwear when taking the body scan. Clothes will increase your sizes. The app measures in-seam to the floor whereas we measure to where the the trouser will sit.  We recommend you minus 1-2 inches off the app's  inseam measurement.
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A great starting point is a suit or pair of smart trousers and a jacket you already own that fit you.  Have a look at the label of each.  Rathbones Tailor works to UK sizing.

  • Jackets will most likely have a number followed by a letter.  The number is the chest size, the letter is the length of the jacket.  Eg 40R is a 40 inch chest, regular length.
  • Suit trousers will have two numbers.  These are the waist size/in-seam length.  So a 34/32 is a 34 inch waist, 32 inch in-seam.  Jeans and suit trousers DO NOT correlate, so don't use your denim sizes when inputting suit trouser sizes.