7 Benefits of Hiring a Suit

Posted in Suit Hire on May 08, 2023

Discover 7 compelling benefits of hiring a suit, from cost savings to sustainability, and learn why renting formal wear is a smart choice for any occasion.

The History of the Kilt: A Scottish Symbol of Pride and Heritage

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Explore the rich history of the kilt, from its ancient Celtic origins to its modern-day significance as a symbol of Scottish pride and heritage.

What is a Morning Suit? - Rathbones Tailor

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Today, the morning suit remains a symbol of elegance, sophistication, and refinement, and is often worn by grooms and other members of the wedding party. Most notable in recent years was David Beckham

History of The Tuxedo - Rathbones Tailor

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After returning to America, Potter wore his new ensemble to the Autumn Ball of private country club ‘Tuxedo Park’ in New York. Here is where the name tuxedo comes.

The Cummerbund: Everything You Need To Know - Rathbones Tailor

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That sash-like piece of material synonymous with evening wear. Often misspelled, misunderstood and as a result discarded. But Rathbones Tailor are here to demystify this piece of formal wear, so that