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Royal Ascot Dress Code

Royal Ascot Dress Code

Royal Ascot, the pinnacle of the horse racing season where fashion and flair meet tradition and elegance. It's not just about the thrilling races but also about making a sartorial statement.

Whether you're rubbing shoulders with royalty in the Royal Enclosure or enjoying the festivities from the Windsor Enclosure, dressing the part is half the fun.

Here's Rathbones Tailor guide to nailing the dress code for each enclosure!

Royal Enclosure

Alright gents, the Royal Enclosure is where you pull out all the stops. We're talking about black, grey, or navy morning suits with a waistcoat and tie (cravats and bow ties need not apply). Don your black or grey top hat with pride, and keep those black shoes shiny enough to see your reflection. And remember, the top hat stays on unless you're sitting or in a private box – rules are rules, but who doesn't love a bit of tradition? Hire any of our Royal Ascot Enclosure morning suits and pair with a top hat to meet the requirements.

Queen Anne Enclosure

In the Queen Anne Enclosure, it’s all about looking sharp without the full morning suit drama. A matching suit with a crisp shirt and tie is your ticket. Add a waistcoat if you’re feeling fancy. It's your time to shine, so don’t hold back on showing off your sartorial flair – just keep it polished and professional. Any of our two or three piece suits will tick the box!

Village Enclosure

If you're in the Village Enclosure, you're here for a good time and a stylish one at that. Think jacket and trousers with a dash of personality in your shirt and tie combo. It’s smart daywear at its best, so mix in some patterns or colours, but keep it classy – after all, it’s still Royal Ascot, darling.

Windsor Enclosure

In the Windsor Enclosure, you get to dial up the fun with smart-casual vibes. While the dress code is more relaxed, you’re still aiming for dapper. Jackets, collared shirts, and full-length trousers are the order of the day. Feel free to experiment with lighter fabrics and brighter hues, just make sure you look sharp enough to turn heads.

Now go out there and strut your stuff, gents – it’s Royal Ascot, and style is the name of the game! Make sure you check out our Royal Ascot Suit Hire.