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Royal Ascot Suit Hire

Whether you’re the owner of a horse or just a hot horse tip, allow Rathbones Tailor to handle all things sartorial elegance. Every 3-Piece outfit meets the dress code of the Royal Enclosure when you select a top hat add on.  If you know which colour suit for royal ascot you're after, select the colour in the filter then simply choose which waistcoat combination is your favourite. To add a shirt, tie and hankie to your Ascot tailcoat select the formal wear styling add on at the bottom of the suit product page.

Royal Ascot Suit Hire FAQ

What is the royal enclosure dress code?

A morning suit of black, navy, or grey material, a shirt with a necktie (not a cravat), a waistcoat, black dress shoes with socks that cover the ankles, and, of course, a top hat in black or grey. All suits in our Royal Ascot collection meet these requirements when paired with a Top Hat.

What is the dress code for Queen Anne’s enclosure? 

A full-length two- or three-piece suit. Jackets and trousers should match material (morning dress is also permitted). A collared shirt with a necktie (patterns of a patriotic nature, for example, a national flag, are acceptable). Socks must be worn and should cover the ankle. 

Is there a dress code for the Windsor enclosure? 

Whilst the Windsor Enclosure has no official dress code, guests are encouraged to wear smart daywear. A hat, headpiece, or fascinator, along with a jacket and collared shirt, is encouraged.

What is the dress code for the Village enclosure?

A suit jacket or blazer (can be made of material different from the trousers). A full-length trouser or chino, a collared shirt with a necktie, bow tie or cravat (patterns of a patriotic nature, for example, a national flag, are acceptable). Socks must be worn and should cover the ankle.

Do you have to be in the Royal Enclosure to wear a morning suit? 

Absolutely not. You can wear a morning suit no matter the enclosure in which you’re spending your day. As we say at Rathbones Tailor, you can never be overdressed.

Do I have to wear a top hat? 

The only place you must wear a top hat is in the royal enclosure. You can remove your top hat when at a bar or restaurant within the royal enclosure.

What if I’m attending more than one day of racing? Do I need to pay more?

No! You’ve hired the suit for 8 days, how many times you wear it is up to you. Sleep in it if that’s your thing. Bit hot in the summer though.

Can you wear a top hat with a lounge suit?

No. You’ll only wear a top hat if you are wearing a morning suit.